France Defends Status as Favorite

Jun 16, 2021 | 00:01:AM

France defeated Germany 1-0 on Tuesday to solidify its status as betting favorites to win UEFA Euro 2020. 

The loss will frustrate Germany's fans in a number of ways. The contest's only goal came when the German defender, Mats Hummels, attempted to redirect a crossing pass away from his goal, but instead knocked it over his own goalkeeper. Similarly, France only controlled 41% of possession throughout the contest and put up four shots compared to Germany's ten.

The contest represents the beginning of what will be a hard fought battle to win Group F, what many refer to as the "group of death", consisting of France, Germany, Portugal, and Hungary. Consequently, Germany fans can be hopeful that Portugal can hand France a loss somewhere in divisional play and level out the scoreboard.  

The somewhat flukey victory for France provides an interesting opportunity for those looking to capitalize on FANDEX's updated evaluations. Germany's share price dropped by over a quarter of its value today despite being the better team on the field. Picking up some of Germany's stock while it slips might provide some good value when considering Germany's reputation as a resilient competitor in high stakes play. On the flip side, France played a fairly passive game and failed to put pressure on Germany's back end. Until France proves otherwise, onlookers should remain skeptical of its value of $13.28.