Why You Should Double Down on Denmark at Halftime

Jun 17, 2021 | 18:43:PM

Denmark is currently valued at $5.03 as it fights to uphold a 1-0 lead against Belgium in divisional play. 

Denmark is already playing with their backs to the wall. Even if they win, they'll need some help within Group B in order to even have a shot at making it into the round of 16. The desperation that naturally comes with playing an elimination game is amplified by Denmark's recent loss of Chrsitian Erikson, who collapsed on the field Saturday due to cardiac arrest. It was truly a horrifying scene as both teams took to their knees in prayer for Erikson. His condition has since stabilized and he will be fitted with a heart-starting device shortly. The game on Thursday between Denmark and Belgium was paused at the ten minute mark for an emotional tribute to Erikson.

Thus, Denmark is not only playing for a chance to stay in the tournament, but also for the star midfielder who undoubtedly is envious of his teammates playing in such a momentous game. As it stands now, Denmark is the dominant team, getting off eight shots to Belgium's one. Denmark does not have the horses to make a big splash in Euro 2020, but the value on the board is undeniable. A victory, or even a draw, would nearly double Denmark's value, so those looking to back an underdog for the afternoon may want to consider doubling down on the team at half time.