How Eriksen Tribute is More Than Just That

Jun 18, 2021 | 04:28:AM

De Bruyne of Belgium's powerful strike at the 70 min mark was the propelling factor that pushed the club past Denmark in the Group B bout on Thursday, June 17th. Denmark started the match hot with a goal scored by Yussuf Poulsen within the first two minutes, but that was the only goal the club managed to produce. It was only minutes later when both teams decided to pause the bout and give a special tribute to Christian Eriksen a Denmark player who suffered a cardiac arrest in Denmark's opening game against Finland last Saturday. 

Eventhough Denmark did take the loss on the field that is a high possibility that both of the clubs were winners with their team stock. Belgium clearly has the upper hand due to them being able to take the win, but Denmark also has an opportunity to increase their stock because of the social media buzz they are attracting from the match. The tribute for Eriksen went viral on many social media platforms during the game and for that reason it is possible for an increase of both teams Fandex stock.