Great Value Headed into Portugal v. France

Jun 23, 2021 | 17:15:PM

Portugal, the tournament's defending champion, faces elimination from Euro 2020 heading into its Wednesday night matchup against France. 

Currently valued at $7.24, Portugal provides enticing value on the board given its track record as a perennial juggernaut in international competition; despite having its back to the wall, Portugal has all the star power necessary to turn the tournament around and reassert itself as contenders for the championship. With that said, Portugal will have to play a great game against a French team that has not lost and has only surrendered one goal across its two games. 

But a win is not the only way the price could spike from $7.24: Portugal can clinch a round of 16 berth even with a draw, provided that Hungary does not upset Germany. There is certainly risk to buying Portugal given that a loss would send them home, and thier stock lower, but a win or draw will likely restore its value to somewhere around the ten dollar mark. For those who believe that Cristiano Ronaldo can push his team past France on Wednesday night and advance, $7.24 should feel like a bargain.